Domestic Gasfitting

Chandley Plumbing provide gasfitting and maintenance for homes throughout the Northern Terrirtory. As licensed gasfitters, we can connect gas stoves and hot plates for your home. We can install, alter or repair gas lines on your property as well. All work is completed in compliance with safety regulations.

For certified domestic gasfitting in the Northern Territory, please contact us to make a booking.

Commercial Gasfitting

For Northern Territory commercial gasfitting, Chandley Plumbing are the team to call. We work with restaurants, hotels, landlords and many other business owners to provide a safe gas supply. Our licensed gasfitters can install and maintain gas mains, as well as installing commercial gas appliances and certifying our work. We undertake all necessary safety installations and procedures to ensure a safe supply.

Gas Repairs & Maintenance

If your gas lines require attention, contact Chandley Plumbing. It is important to keep gas appliances and gas lines in good condition to avoid leaks and to ensure a safe supply into your home or business. Our licensed gasfitters conduct safety checks and gas leak detection to diagnose any issues that require urgent attention. Ensure the safety of you and your family with regular maintenance and repairs to your gas system. We provide commercial kitchen servicing as well, which extends to cooktops, pizza ovens, bread ovens and hotplates.

We are available to assist customers throughout the Northern Territory, including remote communities. Contact us for prompt gas repairs.